I enjoy exploring edges...I might push you to explore yours. I give invitations often. I accept invitations more often. I dance unapologetically at any venue that plays deep, bass driven, vibey music. I am uber physical and uber passionate. I eat a tremendous amount of organic food, especially dark chocolate.  Some people say I have nice yes...but I'll leave that up to you. 


REFRAME. My blog where I publish long form content. I write about things that matter to me...maybe they will resonate with you. Maybe they won't. 

WISDOM. A lot of people say smart things. Some of them resonate with me more than others. Maybe they will resonate with you. Maybe they won't.

@Zabes215. My instagram handle where I post photos.  I tried to take photos of interesting art and visuals I see in the world, but most people just like the photos I take of myself in interesting locations....so I'm ebbing with that flow.