Bring on the Mushroom Army!

Watch out for the FINS!  They are coming to the US and bringing the healthiest goodies with them. Four Sigma Foods was just accepted into the 2nd class of companies at Accel Foods led by Lauren Jupiter!! Mushrooms are one of the most powerful herbal substances in the world and can heal you in ways you’ve never imagined.  Congrats Tero and Four Sigma Team !!

Chaga Foraging in Finland
Lawrie making some Mushroom tea :)
Chaga for Immunity, Shitake for Skin/Beauty, Cordyceps for Endurance

A Father Son Bond

Dad – You are my father, and I am your son.   I admire your selflessness, your courage, your unwavering love, your kind heart, your sensitivity, your continual smile, happiness, and contentment with who you are, where you are, and what you’re doing. If I am 1/10th of the man that you are when I grow up, I’ll be way ahead of everyone else.  You are the definition of a role model, a true leader, and you give new meaning to the concept of father, and dad.  I love you more than you will ever know. Your one and only son,

Josh HopeLarry copyphoto

The Biggest and Baddest Juicer on the Market

 Respect Yourself: The goal is to become the healthiest and most aware and knowledgeable human beings we can with regard to our environment.  With that, the pursuit of a healthy food intake regiment is paramount.  It’s without question the most important variable to a healthy lifestyle.  Genetics count for some, exercise counts for some, but FOOD is the constant piece that we continually ingest in our body that significantly dictates the health of our insides…and should be handled with utmost care and respect.

I just bought a super industrial Norwalk Juicer as part of my foray into the healthiest and best ways to ingest foods and nutrients.  I was prompted after watching a movie on Netflix (The Beautiful Truth) a fantastic independent documentary about our world, how it’s being manipulated by large corporations at the expense of the health of humans, the prevalence of cancer and autoimmune diseases in our society, and a natural healing treatment called the Gerson Therapy.


The Beautiful Truth is a documentary that carefully shows the truth about helpful ways to cure cancer and other autoimmune diseases via natural, plant based diet as well as coffee enemas.  The Gerson Therapy is the method of treatment, created back in 1928 by Max Gerson, and has been healing folks with terminal cancer back to health.  It’s important to note that there are many “scientific” research boards which offer no evidence that the Gerson Therapy actually works.  While that may be true, I’d also suggest that scientific research groups and organizations are often so beauracratic or heavily influenced by major corporations with strong lobbies, that it’s unlikely you’ll ever get a straight answer from them.

Eat Organic Food – The reason why I’m sharing this is because cancer and other auto-immune diseases are most likely caused by foreign agents and chemicals in our environment that we either pass down genetically or ingest in our body via food/air/water.

Clean the environment, drink properly mineralized water, breathe fresh air, and the likelihood of degenerating into an auto-immune state significantly reduces (my opinion, not a fact).  And while I’m not suggesting that healthy people don’t get cancer and other auto-immune diseases, I’m suggesting that if there weren’t so many processed products and chemically-laden crops, I imagine there would be far less incidence of cancer and other auto-immune diseases.

Juice for more nutrients! It’s a fantastic way to get more nutrients from your veggies.  It shouldn’t replace eating whole veggies as they are a source of fiber and help push things out of your intestines and colon, but there’s truly no other way to receive as many nutrients in one serving than by juicing.  And there is no better juicer than the Norwalk.  There is also no juicer that’s more expensive than the Norwalk either :)

If juicing is an important part of your life, than invest in a Norwalk.  Otherwise, make sure you’re getting lots of nutrients from vegetables as much as possible!  They are beautiful and magical fruits of the earth.

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Ripped Like Rambo…in 30 Days

So it’s been about 3 or 4 days since I finished the Whole30 Program and I’m due for an update.  I have never posted visuals of myself like this before (at least not in an experimental way, so please bare with me). Some people are visual learners…others like text…I include both here.  The photos are pretty much as is (taken with an iPhone) and cropped for obvious reasons.

I had some ups and downs throughout the month, a wide variety of cravings and irritableness and ended it all with a herniated disc (which had nothing to do with the Whole30) but put a serious damper in my ability to move or really enjoy life at all.

My diet before the Whole30 was as follows:

Meat, Veggies, Nuts, Seeds, Light Grains (Quinoa) No Dairy, Rarely Gluten (sauces or baked goods on occasion) and plenty of Sugar (Natural and Processed alike)

During the Whole30

For 30 days I didn’t eat Dairy, Gluten, Added Sugar, Soy, Grains, Legumes…

and here’s the transformation.


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Half-Way Through the Whole30 Update

ZERO processed sugar since April 15th…Bam.  Thanks to fellow Fitwall Advisor Dallas Hartwig and his wife Melissa for putting this together and providing all the information we need to succeed.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worked.    

Below are the tougher parts and the positives of the Whole30.  

Photos and more in depth breakdown on May 15th.


Metallic taste in my mouth (check).

Funny smelling pee sometimes (check).

Feeling like my stomach is a Hoover vacuum that is incapable of being satiated (check) – (at least for the first 12 days).

Struggling to “vary” the food choices (check).

Lowered energy levels while working out (first 7 days) (check)

Somewhat challenging to eat out at restaurants (even in Venice Beach) – Yes I’m that guy who says, “Dairy free, gluten free, (and now) sugar free” – I’m kind of a caricature of myself :)



Feeling incredibly energized all day long (after day 5) with no dips or lapses (check).

Digestion working just as it should (check).

Skin, hair, nails all looking great (check).

Visible reduction in bodyfat (check).

Heightened sense of smell and taste (I feel like Wolverine or something) (check).

Ability to really taste even the smallest amount of natural sugar in my foods (check)

Removal of processed sugar cravings (check)


The most beautiful part of this is to watch my own body adapt and adjust in such a short timeframe (2 weeks!).  Forget the internet, we have the most incredible hardware and software on the planet, people, let’s take better care of our bodies!

Goodbye Sugar Addiction…

I have a sugar addiction, plain and simple, and my guess is that you do too – so in an effort to curb the trend, I’m diving into the Whole30 Program from April 15-May 15.  It’s really simple…and as you know, I eat really clean and healthy to begin with, but for me this focuses on the last 5 lbs, or few percentages of body fat to cut down by eliminating desserts, processed sugars, and whole grains from your diet for 30 days.  Those are by far the hardest for me to cut out – I imagine yours too.

Do it with a friend…because if you’re beholden to someone else for your progress you’re scientifically proven to perform better – that’s the reason why Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig work!  

I will be posting photos of my bod on Day 1, Day 10, Day 20, and Day 30 to see if there are any discernible results.  I’ll also be logging what I eat each day as well as taking into account how I feel, how my skin looks, if I’m exercising etc. 

Basic gist of the program:

No Sugar

No Alcohol

No Grains

No Legumes

No White Potatoes

No Paelo-Desserts or anything like that


Get to it – and see you on the other side.  Hopefully 30 days of this program will get me into a better habit of not binging on sugary sweets and baked goods, dark chocolate, or grains that fill me up.


When the Universe says “Change Your Course”

So this post is far overdue, but many people were wondering about my vipassana in Hawaii over December and into New Years 2014.  Well….I didn’t actually go, so I cannot share the experience. But what I can share may be far more interesting and relevant to some of the folks who read this.

I packed my minimal bag and things I needed for the vipassana, boarded a plane in LA and landed in Honolulu, a 6 hour journey and roughly 2,500 miles. After a 4 hour layover, I noticed ominous dark clouds emerging from the west.  After experiencing a massive Hawaiian thunderstorm for 5 hours, my flight was delayed until the next morning to the Big Island, which officially made me very very late for the vipassana.   

Upon emailing the director of the program to let him know that I was going to be late, he plainly and simply told me, “It’s not your time, we’ve already begun the vipassana, so please reschedule another time and arrive early so this doesn’t happen again.” 

I was beyond shocked.  As someone who’s used to coaxing and persuading individuals to generally make things go as I plan for, this was a massive spiritual slap in the face.  I had flown over 2,500 miles to partkae in a deep spiritual growth opportunity, only to be “screwed over” by mother nature and her random bouts of tempestuousness. 

So at that point, there are two routes to take.  Either rage and be angry,  or recognize that there are larger factors at work, and perhaps this was the universe’s way of telling me that I should in fact be elsewhere.  So I began thinking about all of the other places I could be…and home kept coming up again and again and again.  

Looking back at my life as an only child, recognizing that my parents spent their entire lives giving as much attention, or as much space as I needed in my life.  Knowing that at holiday time, when society suggests that we’re all “supposed” to be together, I was planning to be deep in the jungle, forming a stronger bond with my soul (which is in fact a worthy activity).  But what about the bond with my co-creators?  Had I been neglecting it?

I realized that my parents, who called me when I was in Hawaii to ask how I was, really missed me.  I heard it in their voice.  I felt it in their tones.  I decided to put myself in their shoes – having to go to events at their friends houses, with all of their friends kids, talking about god knows what – and recognized that it was probably incredibly hard for them not having me around.  They are wonderful individuals who have sacrificed far far too much for me.  Sometimes I think about the time when I’ll have kids and wonder if it’s even remotely possible for me to be able to give as much of myself to my kids as my parents did for me.  Only time will tell.   

So I decided to honor my parents and give selflessly to them as they had done for me thousands of times.  I flew 6 hrs back to LA…changed my clothes, re-boarded a plane heading to Boston 2 hrs later.  In 36 hrs I’d traveled 11,000 miles , traversed 9 time zones and made one or two stark realizations about the power of the universe and our roles here.  And when I got home, I knew it was exactly where I was supposed to be…in Swampscott, MA, with two of the happiest and most wonderful parents on the planet.  

Funny what a little rain can do?


What’s the Best Alternative Way To Spend The Holidays??

Vipassana.  Yes…the ancient practice of silent meditation.  Instead of the drinking, carousing, partying, gluttonous behavior that I and most others partake in during the holiday season, I’m taking a completely different route this year. 

I’ve worked myself ragged over the past few years and believe that spending some quality time with myself is just what the doctor ordered.

What is a Vipasanna?  Simply put, it’s 10 days in silent meditation, guided by teachers of a specific non-religious practice which removes all external or pleasurable stimulation of any kind.  

What you CANNOT do:

Use cell phones, electronics, read books or write, wear jewelry or skimpy clothing, engage in sexual relations with others or pleasure yourself, eat meat and especially – NO TALKING :)

What you CAN do:

Practice presence, awareness, go deep, meditate, go inward, achieve nirvana, have breakthroughs, challenge yourself physically and mentally like you’ve never done before, become more attuned to who you are and what you’re doing here on earth.

The point is to “see things as they really are” and until you strip yourself of sensual life pleasures, it’s challenging to achieve this type of resilience and mental fortitude.

So basically lots of time with little old me, myself and I. 

I know a number of people who have come out of this experience having a life-altering experiences…so naturally I’m keen to check it out.

Wish me luck and see you all on the other side :) 

I’ll follow up in the new year with my thoughts.

A special thanks to Julia Arora for being such a vital force in my life over the last few years. 

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