my passions

Movement & physicality

Get active, move your body, be physical and functional. It's the only body you have, and it's a tremendously powerful and complex vehicle - so show it the love and respect that it deserves each and every day.

Health & Nutrition

The fuel you choose on a daily basis matters significantly more to your overall health & well-being than every other factor combined (gym, stress, mindfulness). Learn how food affects your constitution and start making smarter choices about what fuel you choose.

PRESENCE & Mindfulness

Staying in the moment, not worrying or analyzing the past, and certainly not getting stuck in the mire of "futurethought" will allow you to be connected to those around you in a way that keeps you remembering that this moment, "now" is all you have.


What better alternative do we have than to truly love one another?  Being open, connected, kind, and loving to your fellow humans.  Remember, we are in this together, we come from the same source, so act accordingly.